1.2 Set Up Biz Email

Now that you have your WordPress site installed on your domain name it’s time to set up your business email addresses. The following emails addresses are the most common emails I used in my ecommerce stores. You are welcome to set up more email addresses if you desire, but these are the major ones to set up:

  • yourname@yourdomain.com – Example:  joe@dropshipstore.com
  • support@yourdomain.com
  • orders@yourdomain.com
  • info or contact@yourdomain.com

To create these email addresses you would simply login to your hosting account and go to the email section usually found within your cPanel. If you following the previous steps of setting up your WordPress site on the recommended ecommerce host with Bluehost.com then here are the instructions to take to set up email on Bluehost:

  1. Login to Bluehost.com
  2. Navigate to the cPanel section
  3. Click on “Email
  4. Create at least the 4 email accounts I showed you above

Once you create your email accounts you can sync or forward those email accounts to a central email account you desire.

What I personally do is set up a “forward” for all of my email accounts and then forward those email addresses to my one Gmail account. Doing this allows me to check only ONE email account a day instead of 18!

To set up a forwarding email address simply click on the “forwarding” link on the “email” page inside of your Bluehost email section. From there you would set up a forward account by telling the system you want any of your email addresses you created to automatically forward all email to a specific destination email address.

An example:  yourname@yourdomain.com  =====> forwards to your Gmail account  joeschmoe@gmail.com