1.0 Choosing a Winning Domain

In this course we will teach you how and why to use Google adwords to drive laser targeted buyers to your store so they can buy from you.

Google continues to be the #1 player in the advertising space throughout the world. Out of their 74.54 billion dollars in gross revenue in 2015 guess how much of that came from advertising? According to Statista, 67.39 billion of that was earned through their advertising programs. That’s 90.41% of Google’s revenue being earned in just advertising alone! Their advertising system clearly works otherwise people would not continue to pay for advertising.

Here are some helpful tips and facts to review about launching ads through Google Adwords:

  • You can add / delete anything that does or does not work for your business
  • You only pay for the clicks you receive. If no one clicks on the ad you don’t pay.
  • Anyone can open up an account and launch an ad campaign.
  • You can quickly show your ad in front of people who care about your business.
  • You control when and how often your ads appear and to whom.
  • You control how much you pay per click.
  • You will know what ads convert best for you and how much money you’re making per ad.

The two major approaches to take when getting started with Adwords are:

  1. Awareness marketing – this approach should only be for bigger brands/companies who have huge marketing budgets wanting to get their message/product in front of the masses regardless of who they really are. We do not recommend taking this approach for most people especially if you are just started out.
  2. Specialized marketing – this approach targets your ads only in front of the people who really care most about them. Your ads appear to the right people at the right time. All other information is eliminated to help you target the people in the market/world right now ready to buy your product/service. This is the approach we recommend you take if you are brand new to adwords and marketing your business online.