1.4 Choose and Install Theme

In this step I will teach you how to install one of the best WordPress themes that use for my eCommerce stores. It’s up to you which theme you prefer, but I recommend using the Avada WordPress theme. There is a link below that will take you to that particular theme.
I will also show you how to install, activate and get started with customizing your site using your WordPress theme:


See Top WordPress eCommerce Themes Here


Watch this video to learn how to customize your WordPress premium theme:

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2 thoughts on “1.4 Choose and Install Theme

  1. Ikobayo Adewale says:

    I am enjoying the build-up to being totally knowledgeable about setting up my website with more features. The one step at time approach makes it easy for me to understand. Thank you, Trent.

  2. Chris Uhle says:

    Good walkthrough of installing themes and getting everything off the ground running, note that themes and websites do constantly update so content may differ slightly as did in my case but it wasn’t that difficult to figure out good job Trent.

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