Secret 8: Liberate Your Time Using Systems of Automation

Congrats! You’ve reached the 8th and final step in this time management mastery course. Here is a quick overview below of what I’ll be teaching you about. Make sure to click on the “Mark Complete” button below to finish the course.

  • Lesson 1: What is automation:
    • “Automation, in effect, identifies the work only humans can do, and that, in essence, is the work you should be doing in any case.”- Hitendra Patil
    • Automation is a method that lets you control and operate processes with minimal human intervention.
    • Restructures labor.
    • Uses technology.
    • Integrates applications and software to streamline business processes.
    • Cuts the time spent on unnecessary task.
  • Lesson 2: What to Automate
    • Saving for retirement & other financial goals (set it & forget it until it’s time to use the money)
    • Sales funnels that automatically convert leads to buyers every day
    • Hire a mentor to teach you how.
    • Social media
    • Accounting process
  • Lesson 3: Why You Should Automate
    • Automation saves you from the mundane and boring tasks.
    • Automation lets you do more fulfilling work.
    • Automation helps you scale your business.
  • Lesson 4: Bonus Tools For Personal/Business Time Management

Action Step

Write down 3 tasks that you feel comfortable automating. For each task develop a reason why each task should be automated and use a tool discussed in this lesson to help you automate the task.

Once you’re done with the action step, click on the button below to complete this course.

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