Secret 4: Create Power Routines For Life & Business

Congrats! You’ve reached the 4th step in this time management mastery course. Here is a quick overview below of what I’ll be teaching you about. Make sure to click on the “Mark Complete” button below to move to the next step.

  • Lesson 1: Types of routines:
    • Daily
      • Morning/Evening routines
      • Prayer/mediate, journaling, exercise, daily plan review, eat well
      • Examples
    • Weekly
      • Update finances
      • Grocery shopping
      • Couple planning
      • Date night with spouse
    • Monthly
        • Date night with a child with spouse or separately
        • Review/plan upcoming month for family
        • Review/plan tasks that don’t fascinate you anymore and delegate them.
    • Quarterly:
      • Mini-family vacations
      • Financial review/taxes
    • Yearly
      • Birthday’s and holidays
      • Anniversary
      • Mega family vacation
  • Lesson 2: Bonus Tips
    • Block time to escape the routines (vacation, relaxation, spending time with spouse/kids, etc)
    • Perfect practice makes perfect (avoid practicing the wrong thing!)
      • Hire a mentor to teach you what is correct
    • Routines lead to powerful habit development

Action Step

Write down a daily routine that you feel comfortable completing for 1 week. After completing the daily routine for 1 week, develop a weekly routine that you feel comfortable with completing. While incorporating your routines, develop block times throughout your routine that allow you to escape you routines and spend more time relaxing or enjoying time with family.

Once you’re done with the action step, click on the button below to advance to the next lesson:

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