Mod 7: Going Live!

Welcome to Module 7 Going Live!

In this overview video, you will be guided through the steps of making sure your WordPress website is ready to go live, by doing a walkthrough.

Listed below are a few tips of what we will be testing for:

  • Comb through your site for any issues.
  • Create a checklist before you do your website comb through so you don’t miss anything.
  • Test all of your pages added by previewing them. (Home, Start Here, About Us, Product/Services, and etc.).
  • Check all of your hyperlink connections (Making sure they’re going to the desired locations/products, and etc.).
  • Test your eCommerce carts, payment systems, and selections.
  • Check of consistency in font sizes, types, colors, and spellings.
  • Test your emails addresses to make sure you’re sending and receiving from the correct mailbox addresses.

Action Step

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